Traps Traps Active, Manual Target Cost: 3 SP Delay: 20 sec

Player TrapsEdit

Set TrapEdit

Click on yourself to set a trap at your feet. The trap will do physical damage based on the user's intelligence, experience level, and skill level. The reuse delay is reduced as skill level increases. Player traps will disappear if disarmed by another player, after [30 + (skill * 5)] seconds, or after being triggered 3 times. Traps set by Burglars will last longer, have an additional trigger, and deal greater damage on each hit.


Click on a trap to attempt to disable it. Success chance is based on skill level and the difficulty of the trap. On a success, there will be no reuse delay. Traps will reactivate after five minutes.

Environment TrapsEdit

Each trap has a 1/3 chance of being either a spike trap, energy trap, or an acid] trap. After these traps are disarmed they will reactive after five minutes.


Spike traps deal physical damage to the players HP. These are similar to the type of traps that players can set with the traps skill. Damage is based on the level of the trap alone.


Energy traps drain the player of their SP and MP. They drain the user of all of their SP and MP. These are one of two types of traps which players cannot set.


Acid traps deal damage to the players equipment. If your equipment reaches 0% durability because of an acid trap, it will be destroyed permanently and disappear from your inventory. Even if you drop your equipment on the ground, it can still be damaged and destroyed. These are the other of the two types of traps which players cannot set.

Acid traps alone should make players weary of crossing over a trap without a burglar or a player with burglar skills in your party.