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"Honestly, You Dragons Run Amok" (HYDRA), set in the world of Ahiroscall, where heroes are called upon to save the world from monsters, even though the monsters always seem to come back after the same amount of time.

Choose from Warrior, Thief, Priest, and Mage, and develop your character in your own way as you explore the world and figure out its secrets. Form a party with friends to wander through dungeons and fight against bosses. Develop your character for PvP, sneak about as a burglar, and/or become a legendary portal-opening chef in this slightly bizarre and adventurous world.

"Honestly, You Dragons Run Amok" (HYDRA) is a semi-class-based real-time RPG customization yet a relatively simple system. Step into a BYOND world with a system developed with emphasis on balance, with no stolen content, and without any stolen graphics or sounds. Interaction and grouping are encouraged, as no one character can handle all situations alone.



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